What is Composition of Gegen Decoction:Benefits and Function

Composition of gegen decoction

Bupleurum:9 grams

Pueraria:9 grams

Scutellaria:9 grams

Paeonia:9 grams

Qiang living:6 grams

Angelica dahurica:6 grams

Bellflower:6 grams

Plaster:24 grams

Licorice:3 grams

Ginger:3 pieces

Jujube:4 pieces

The efficacy and function

Relieves muscle and clears heat.

Exogenous wind-cold, cold stagnation and heat syndrome. Symptoms include aversion to cold gradually lessening, body heat, headache and body pain, upset and thirst, thin yellow tongue coating, floating pulse.

This recipe is made of Bupleurum and Pueraria to clear heat. Qianghuo and Baizhi dispel evil and stop headaches;

 Scutellaria baicalensis and gypsum clear heat inside. The clear herbs are used in combination with cold and warm, mainly pungent and cool, and together they form an agent for clearing heat.

This recipe treats the symptoms of exogenous wind-cold, unresolved accumulation of heat, and stagnation of heat.

If there is no aversion to cold and headache, remove Qianghuo and Angelica, add honeysuckle and forsythia; add Trichosanthinum if it is too hot to injure the body fluids;

Add Trichosanthes for cough with sticky phlegm. For diarrhea due to heat, remove gypsum and add yellow lotus;

This recipe is commonly used to treat colds and flu with the above symptoms.

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