What is Composition of Muxiang Shunqi Pills:Benefits and Function

Composition of Muxiang Shunqi Pills

Muxiang:30 grams

Citrus aurantium:30 grams

tangerine peel:30 grams

Cypress:30 grams

betel nut:30 grams

Atractylodes:30 grams

Amomum:30 grams

Magnolia:30 grams

green leather:30 grams

Licorice:15 grams

The efficacy and function of Muxiang Shunqi Pills

Regulate qi and dispel dampness, digest food and remove bloating.


Qi stagnation and discomfort, fullness of the chest and diaphragm, distending pain in both flanks, tasteless food and accumulation of food, etc., thin white greasy fur, thin pulse.

Dosage and Usage

The upper medicine is ground into powder, into pills, each serving is 9 grams, delivered with warm water, twice a day;

it can also be used as a decoction, simmered in water, and the dosage can be increased or decreased according to the original formula.


The aroma of wood is fragrant and pungent, dispersing and warming. It is good at adjusting the middle and dispersing stagnation, and promoting qi and relieving pain;

Cypress officinalis is very spicy and has a strong aroma.

Qingpi, dried tangerine peel, Atractylodes macrocephala, and Magnolia officinalis are all pungent, sweet, and warm.

Citrus aurantium and betel nut are bitter and pungent, break qi and remove bloating, eliminate accumulation and guide stagnation; Amomum glutinosa is good at dissolving dampness and activating qi, and is a good product for refreshing the spleen and stomach; ginger reduces qi and stomach, and is a total adjuvant.

Glycyrrhiza reconciles various medicines, for making medicine. The combination of various medicines plays the role of eliminating food and eliminating fullness, and promoting qi and relieving pain.


This prescription takes chest tightness and epigastric distention and greasy moss as the main points of differentiation.

In modern times, it is commonly used in the treatment of gastrointestinal neurosis, incomplete intestinal obstruction, dyspepsia, chronic hepatitis, early liver cirrhosis, intestinal paralysis after abdominal surgery, and flatulence.

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