What Is The Composition Of Baiziren Pills:befiets And Function

The composition of Baiziren pills

Bai Ziren:60 grams

Pinellia song:60 grams

Oyster:30 grams

Ginseng:30 grams

Atractylodes:30 grams

Ephedra root:30 grams

Schisandra:30 grams

net bran:15 grams

red dates:90 grams

The efficacy and function of Baiziren pills

Nourishes the mind and calms the nerves, and stops sweating in the stomach.

Bai Ziren Pill Indications

Weakness of heart, palpitations, restless sleep at night, and fatigue in night sweats.

Dosage and usage of Baiziren pills

Grind to fine powder, refine honey into pills, take 6-9 grams per serving, take 2 times a day, and send it with boiled water.

Bai Ziren Pill Recipe

Bai Ziren nourishes the heart and calms the nerves, nourishes blood and stops sweating, and is the main medicine in the prescription; it is combined with ginseng to nourish qi and soothe the nerves;

 Pinellia Qu and stomach to resolve phlegm, Atractylodes spleen and antiperspirant, Schisandra chinensis, oyster, ephedra root astringent and antiperspirant;

Wheat bran and spleen and stomach, stop deficiency sweat, red dates nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish and soothe the nerves. Combination of various medicines can soothe the nerves and stop sweating.

Bai Ziren Pill’s Notes

This prescription is based on shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, restless sleep at night, night sweats, pale tongue, and thin and weak pulse. Modern can be used for the treatment of autonomic dysfunction, neurasthenia, menopausal syndrome, arrhythmia and other conditions.

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